Purchasing Pink Shower

How can I buy Pink Shower?

You can buy Pink Shower products in Pharmacy or through our website in the e-shop section. Pink Shower is the system for washing easier to use, more practical than the other and also the cheapest in the market.

Where can I purchase Pink Shower products?

All Pink Shower products can be purchased directly on this website in the section dedicated to online Shop.


If you want to find stores or distributors in your area or country, please contact us via e-mail at: customer@cspsrl.com

How can I know find the nearest pharmacy where I can purchase Pink Shower?

To know the list of the pharmacies or distributors in your city or country, please, contact us via e mail at: customer@cspsrl.net

Are the PINK SHOWER products prices same in the pharmacy and in our website e-shop section?

Yes, they are the same, except for some special promotions that our site may offer.