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How can I buy Pink Shower products through this website?

Just go on “SHOP”, select the products and enter your data, following the simple ordering process.


Alternatively, only for Italy, it is possible to place your order by calling the toll free number 800 577 477 (Mon to Fri. 9am to 6pm).

How can I pay?

It is possible to pay in 3 different ways and without any additional costs for either of the payment methods:


  • CASH (only for Italian shipping): You can pay upon receipt of the products  directly to the carrier that delivers the products to the address indicated in the order. It is not possible to pay with checks.


  • PAYPAL account or credit card: it requires payment in advance through www.paypal.com  to the email address paypal@pink-shower.com.  If you choose this payment method during the order process you will be redirected automatically to PayPal to make the payment.


To make the payment with this system, you must use your own PayPal account or a credit card. Your payment will be credited immediately. For further information visit www.paypal.com.


  • BANK TRANSFER: (only for payments from countries members of the European Union). It is available by cash advances at any bank branch or on line. All details for payment will be indicated in the order confirmation e-mail.  


Payment receipt times may vary depending on the conditions applied to the customers by their own bank, usually from 1 to 3 business days. Please include your order number in the payment

How does Paypal work? Is it safe?

Paypal is a fast and secure payment system that allows you to pay directly without sharing your banking information on the web.

Choosing to pay with PayPal, the amount is charged directly on the bank account associated with the personal account opened on the site Paypal.it.

When you choose to pay with this method, you will be automatically redirected to a PayPal web page that allows you to access your PayPal account.

You will confirm your order on the website immediately after.

For every purchase made with this type of payment a confirmation email will be sent from PayPal, and an email with your order confirmation will be sent from us with a summary of the products chosen. The order amount is charged to your PayPal account at the time of order.

In case of cancellation, the total amount will be refunded to customer's PayPal account on time by PayPaL

How can I pay by PayPal? May I pay after the order confirmation?

The PayPal payment is usually confirmed at the end of the order: you will be automatically redirected to the PayPal website where you will be prompted to insert your personal data.


However it is possible to pay also after submitting the order. Just go to www.paypal.com and send the payment for the total amount of the order to the email address paypal@pink-shower.com .

What are your bank details, should I need to send the payment via bank transfer?

Pink Shower account details:

Company name:  CSP srl


C/C.:  822429

IBAN:  IT05 Y031 0403 4040 0000 0822 429



The address of the Bank is:


Deutsche Bank - Agenzia N.2

Via dei Mille, 44  80121 – Napoli


It is recommended to note in the payment the order number indicated in the confirmation email you will receive after submitting it.


Is it possible to pay after delivery?

Yes, it is possible but only for Italy. When you make the order you have to choose as payment method “cash” and you can pay when you will receive the product.  


For all the orders outside of Italy it is not possible to pay after delivery. The only methods of payment valid for orders destined outside of Italy are paypal or bank transfer, before shipping the order.

Can I receive an invoice for website orders?

Yes, you can receive an invoice.According to Italian law, art. 22, comma 1, n. 1, del D.P.R. 633/1972, it is necessary to specify this request during the order and inserting all data, including VAT, social security number or NI. Otherwise invoice will not be sent.

If the invoice is requested after shipping, it cannot be guaranteed.

I received an order confirmation email: what do I have to do?

If the data are correct and you don’t want to change the order, it is not necessary to do anything. The order will be shipped to the specified address in accordance with the delivery time indicated on the website.


Otherwise, you must reply to the email to communicate the data changes (or, only for Italy, contact us to toll free number 800 577 477).

I didn’t receive order confirmation. Why?

If you do not receive an order confirmation via email, it could be possible that the email address entered during the ordering process is incorrect or that the order has not been placed correctly.


We recommend that you contact us via email at shop@pink-shower.com to verify that the order has been received. (or only for Italy, contact us at toll free number 800 577 477).

How can I modify or cancel an order?

To change or cancel an order, it is necessary to send an email to shop@pink-shower.com within the next morning after placing the order (or only for Italy, to contact us at toll free number 800 577 477).


Within the time of departure of the goods, the order can be changed or canceled.

Is it possible to change the payment method at time of the order?

Yes. Contact us via email at shop@pink-shower.com indicating new payment method chosen or, only for Italy, contact us at toll free number 800 577 477).

If during the ordering process you have indicated cash payment, to change payment method you must contact us by the morning after the order has been placed.

When will the goods be shipped?

In case of payment with cash (only for Italy) shipments will arrive within 3 business days once the order is received.


In case of payment with PayPal or Bank Transfer, shipments will arrive within 3 business days once payment is received (payment receipt times can change depending on the conditions applied to the customers by their own bank, usually from 1 to 3 days).

What shipment method do you use?

For orders in Italy or within EU countries, goods are shipped through express courier within 1-2 working days for Italy and 2-3 working days for EU conutries.  


For orders within EU countries, if the destination is not served by express courier, the products will be shipped via air postal service and delivery can usually range from 1 to 3 weeks from shipment date (depending on destination).


For orders outside EU countries, the product will be shipped via air postal service and delivery can usually take from 2 to 4 weeks from shipment date (depending on destination).

Can I ask for a specific delivery time or to deliver only during a week day?

It is possible to ask for specific delivery times by inserting your request in the field “delivery notes” during the ordering process.

Can I be contacted by the courier before delivery?

Yes, it is possible to insert this request in the field “delivery notes” during the ordering process.

If the courier does not find me at home at the time of delivery, what happens?

If the courier cannot find anyone at your address, a notice of attempted delivery will be left at your door with the contact details of your local courier.  You will need to contact them to arrange another day and time for delivery.

If I do not receive my order on time, what can I do?

You can contact customer service via email at customer@cspsrl.net (or only for Italy at toll free number 800 577 477)  to check on the progress of the order and the shipment.

If the package does not arrive or products are damaged, what can I do?

If the outer packaging with the name of the carrier is not intact at time of delivery, the packaging may have been damaged during in transit and it should not be accepted, specifying the reason for rejecting the shipment to the delivery person. You should also immediately contact customer service via email at customer@cspsrl.net to inform the company about the issue and in order to organize a new shipment.

If I am not satisfied with the products, can I return them?

According to art. 64 of Italian Customer Code (D.Legs. 6 September 2005 no. 206), a customer is entitled to withdraw without any penalty or obligation to specify the reason. The customer may exercise the right of withdrawal by communicating his/her intention via e-mail at shop@pink-shower.com, or by calling the toll free number 800 577 477 (only for Italy), or sending a registered letter with return receipt to CSP srl, Via delle Repubbliche Marinare 124/8, 80147 Napoli, Italy, and returning at his/her own expenses the unwanted products within 10 day from receiving them.


Products will have to be returned, intact and in one solution, by express or ordinary mail at customer’s own expenses to: CSP srl, Via delle Repubbliche Marinare 124/8, 80147 Napoli, Italy.


Once received, the products are verified in their integrity, and a refund will be issued within 30 days through bank transfer.  The return notification must include the customer’s bank details in order to receive the refund.  Any shipping costs will not be refunded.  

Should the shipping costs for returning products be paid by the customer?

The cost of shipping  goods is normally charged to the customer, except in cases of goods not conforming to the order or shipping error charged to us.


The return of goods repaired or replaced is instead charged to our company, except in case of revocation of the right of withdrawal.


The right of withdrawal is lost for lack of the essential integrity of the property (the packaging and / or contents), in cases where CSP srl established the lack of completing elements of the product or damage of the product for reasons different from the transportation.