Pink Shower Products

How can I use the same equipment in different bathrooms or apartments?

It's enough to buy one or more Pink Shower filters spare parts to assemble to the taps in the bathrooms where you want to use it.

In the case water of tap is not of good quality, how can you use Pink Shower?

The water used for washing with Pink Shower must be clean (normal drinking water).
In the case where the tap water is not of good quality, it is necessary to use Pink Shower filters with double membrane that retains suspended impurities larger than 1.2 microns.

Is it possible to use the same device by more than one person?

Yes, but it is absolutely necessary to replace vaginal cannula.

Can I use Pink Shower on travel?


It is available the universal quick adapter "ADDY" that allows you to connect Pink Shower to the tap without having to remove the filter so it is particularly useful when you are away from home, whether for a day and for longer times.



Can I connect Pink Shower to the shower hose?

Yes, it is available Multi-function joint for shower that allows you both to connect Pink Shower to the shower hose and to use the shower normally, having also a second water jet!