Pink Shower Working

How does Pink Shower work and how it can be connected to the tap?

Pink Shower, thanks to its special filter, can be connected directly to the tap and so it uses  water pressure for working, without electricity or batteries.

How can I install Pink Shower?

The installation of Pink Shower is very simple: it is enough to unscrew the filter of your tap and replace it with the special filter included in the packaging. After having installed the filter you can connect Pink Shower simply and in a few seconds every time you want. The replacement of your tap’s filter with the one supplied in the packaging should be done ONLY the first time you connect Pink Shower. In fact, Pink Shower special filter, which is mounted to the tap allows both the normal use of the tap, aerating and filtering the water, and when is necessary, to mount on Pink Shower simply and in a few seconds, making its use possible whenever you want, with all the comforts. For more details, visit the section "How to use it ".

Is Pink Shower adaptable to all taps?

Pink Shower system is adaptable to all taps with standard unscrewable filter (according to UNI-EN 246), both with internal and external thread. This standard is rispected by 99% of taps (sink and bidet) with unscrewable filter on the market.

Is the water pressure enough in the area here I live?

Pink Shower works even when the water pressure is low.
Pink Shower is equipped with a valve that automatically discharges in the basin the water pressure in excess, thus allowing a constant water flow..

Moreover, during the washing is always possible to manually adjust or stop the flow of water directly from the handle or  from the tap.



Does Pink Shower require special maintenance?

PINK SHOWER does not require particular maintenance except the appropriate washing of the various parts after its use.


PINK SHOWER doesn’t fear limestone and also the quality of materials used and the absence of electric motives inside, guarantee a long life. Any accumulations of limestone after months or years on the filter can be removed using a standard softener.

While using PINK SHOWER there is a water leak under the connectorː is it faulty?

No, it is a proof of correct working of the valve that automatically discharges water pressure in excess in the sink. To reduce water leak it is enough to reduce slightly the pressure directly from the tap but this is not necessary for its proper functioning.