What is Pink Shower?

PINK SHOWER is a new device that allows you to make vaginal irrigation in a practical and effective wayː it connects to the tap quickly and you can douche comfortably seated on the toilet or bidet.

Why should I need vaginal douching?

Douching in general and particularly with PINK SHOWER is very useful to gently remove residual blood after the menstrual period, to soften and expel accumulated secretions or to make a thorough cleaning after sex,  giving an immediate sense of cleanliness and freshness.

Which are the main differences between PINK SHOWER and a classic douching?

There are many differences between PINK SHOWER and a classic douching.

Compared to the classic douching in bottles, PINK SHOWER isː

-          More practicalː thanks to its ergonomic handle, it is easy to direct the water jet. While for the classic douches you have to press the bottle to release its contents (which makes the cannula insertion and direction complicated);

-          Lower costː with the same PINK SHOWER device you can have “endless douches” replacing only the cannula;

-          Always ready for useː once you purchase PINK SHOWER you can make your vaginal wash whenever you want, without the concern of having douche bottles at home;

-          Eco-friendlyː there is no waste material for every wash (bottles, cases etc ...), if not the cannula;

-          Less bulky: since PINK SHOWER is very small, it can be compared to 1-2 douche bottles.

Can PINK SHOWER be used by all females or only in specific cases?

Pink Shower can be used by everybody (only with the consent of the pediatrician and always under the supervision of a parent, the device can be used by girls).

It  is not recommended to use instead of Pink Shower in the case of: Post operative and post-menopause vaginal dryness; pregnancy; in health conditions that require special precautions, in some cases of skin hypersensitivity, caused by irritations, wounds, abrasions, surgical procedures and / or other inflammations. And in the case of diseases that require special precautions, it is always necessary to consult a doctor before using the device.